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Marbotic Smart Letters Nordic version (sv/no/dk)

Art. nr: 59-300682

1 356,25 kr


Smart Letters is the ultimate learning
experience for kids aged 3 to 6. These wooden
connected letters interact with
tablets and 3 educational apps to learn to
read and write. Simply stamp the wooden
numbers on the tablets screen, and see
the magic happens!

The best of traditional toys and
touchscreen technology
Enjoy the timeless beauty of our wooden
blocks and experience the future of learning
with our 3 free apps to learn to read and write.
Smart Letters are compatible with iPads only.

Tech toys with a soul, inspired by
Montessori method
To help kids learn, we strongly believe that we
have to put in their hand as much as in their
brain. This is why we created this unique
interaction between wooden letters and
3 free apps
Your kid progresses step-by-step with 3 free
apps that stimulate his imagination and his

Available in 11 languages
Help you kid to learn to write and read in his
native language, and in foreign ones! English,
French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian,
Danish, Japanese, Chinese ans Russian are

Safe toys for the kids
Smart Letters are passive pieces. They simply
work with the static electricity of the body.
Neither wifi, bluetooth nor battery are needed.
Rek. ålder 3-8