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Torso mini 12 delar med huvud 3B

Art. nr: 50-000222

1 656,25 kr


Mini-Torso, 12-part

This human mini torso is approximately half life-size. Even small hands can quickly disassemble and assemble this small but detailed torso. This high quality mini replica of human anatomy has the following removable parts and organs:

* 2-head halves
* Brain half
* 2 lungs
* 2-part heart
* Stomach
* Liver with gall bladder
* 2-part intestinal tract

If you want quality on a budget this mini torso model is for you, great for teaching and learning about human anatomy. All the organs in this human torso are hand painted for a quality product. This great human anatomy educational tool and makes learning the location of the human organs easy. It is also supplied with the 3B Torso Guide.