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Kranium KNM-ER 406, Omo L. 7a-125 3B

Art. nr: 51-221655

1 773,75 kr


3B Scientific's range of anthropological skulls has been newly reissued in its entirety. The results are plain to see. The KNM-ER 406, Omo L. 7a-125 skull model is the finest casting produced from scientifically made copies of specimens featured in the collection at the Institute of Anthropology and Human Genetics for Biologists at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. This means that all the details in each anthropological skull can be reproduced absolutely accurately. This unique KNM-ER 406, Omo L. 7a-125 replica is supplemented by having it displayed on a pedestal that contains a relief map of the geographical area where the skull specimen was found.

This KNM-ER 406, Omo L. 7a-125 skull model is a high-quality casting of a reconstruction of the Kalvarium skull (KMN-ER 406) with a partial mandible (Omo L. 7a-125). The Kalvarium skull is approximately 1.7 million years old and was discovered at Lake Rudolph (now called Lake Turkana) in 1970. The partial mandible comes from a different dig but is clearly from the same species. The classification of the species that this skull comes from has not yet been indisputably clarified. Discussions continue as to whether the anatomical features of this skull specimen points to classification as an Australopithecus boisei or a Paranthropus boisei. Example of a pre-human hominid. Discovered at: Lake Turkana, formerly Lake Rudolph Discovery: 1970 Age: about 1.7 million years This KNM-ER 406, Omo L. 7a-125 skull replica is a great tool for teaching and learning the anatomy of early huminid species.