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Kranium Sinanthropus 3B

Art. nr: 51-221650

1 857,50 kr


3B Scientific's range of anthropological skulls has been newly reissued in its entirety. The results are plain to see in these wonderful anthropolical skulls. The Sinanthropus skull model is the finest casting produced from scientifically made copies of specimens featured in the collection at the Institute of Anthropology and Human Genetics for Biologists at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. This means that all the details in each anthropological skull can be reproduced absolutely accurately. This unique replica of the Sinathropus skull is supplemented by having it displayed on a pedestal that contains a relief map of the geographical area where the specimen was found.

This Sinanthropus skull replica is an accurate casting of a Sinanthropus skull reconstructed by Weinert and modeled after drawings by Black and Weidenreich after all the original bone specimens had been lost. Sinanthropus belongs to the genus Homo erectus pekinensis (Sinanthropus pekinensis) and can be seen as a typical example of an early human.

Discovered at: Zhoukoudian 40 km south west of Peking
Discovery: 1929-1936 Age: 400,000 years

This Sinanthropus skull replica is a great teaching tool for the anatomy of early human species.