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Mitos 9 magnetmodeller 3B

Art. nr: 51-239206

4 347,50 kr


This newly developed 3B Scientific ® model series shows the following 9 phases of mitosis on the basis of a typical mammal cell at an enlargement of approx. 10,000 times:

1. Interphase
2. Prophase
3. Early prometaphase
4. Later prometaphase
5. Metaphase
6. Early anaphase
7. Later anaphase
8. Telophase
9. Cytokinesis

The three-dimensional relief models are painted according to the usual coloring methods of microscopy, making the process of cell division easy to understand. The cell organelles are shown as if opened up in the lower part of the models. The models are equipped with magnets at the back so that for teaching purposes they can be easily arranged on a magnetic board in the classroom. The model series is supplied in a storage system (40 x 60cm) which can be fastened to the wall. A detailed description and handouts for your lessons are included.