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Stereolupp KERN bino 1x/2x/3x

Art. nr: 52-700438

4 083,75 kr


The KERN OSF 438 and OSF 439 is a very
practical and easy to use stereo micro-

This microscope can be safely and easily
moved around thanks to its built-in handle.
Its mechanical stand makes it particularly
In addition to the very good optical properties,
its ergonomically designed working surface
offers the best possible ease of use in this
This model is optimally suited to schools,
workshops and training establishments.
A strong LED incident and transmitted
illumination unit reliably delivers the
necessary light.
The multitude of objective combinations
and eyepieces are all you can wish for.
The eyepieces are fixed in the tube to
protect them against loss or damage.
Technical data
Optical system: Greenough
Brightness adjustable
Tube: 45° inclined
Interpupillary distance: 55 75 mm
Diopter adjustment
Packing dimensions
WxDxH 290x225x340 mm
Net weight approx. 2,5 kg