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Stereolupp Leica EZ4 W integr. kamera zoom 8-35x

Art. nr: 52-334300

40 937,50 kr


Leica EZ4 HD with 10x eyepieces, 4.4:1 Zoom Stereo Microscope with
3 MPixel HD digital camera and 8x35x
zoom range, 10x/20 mm
high eyepoint, nonremovable
eyepieces, Leica exclusive 5075
Interpupillary distance, 100 mm working distance, studentproof,
plug and play design, no removable parts, toolfree
tension control,
25,000 hour 6500 K Reflected, 4500 K Transmitted, true daylight,
temperature power LED illumination for BOTH reflected
and transmitted light, variable light intensity control for reflected and
transmitted light. Reflected light transmitted light can and be used
separately or simultaneously, Leica exclusive 3 directional reflected
illumination (fill, top and oblique), power switch located on back of
stand, Leica exclusive autoshutoff
after 120 minutes, sealed stage
plate, sealed light control panel on rear of stage area, built in SD card
slot (card included) for image capture without the need of a computer,
live High Definition 1080i and USB 2.0 output, builtin
universal voltage
stabilizing power supply accommodates 100240
V input, fully safety
rated, Includes Microscope, dust cover, USB cable, HDMI cable, SD card
and Imaging Software for image capture and simple measuring and
annotation applications, country specific power
cord.applications, country specific power cord.