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Potatisblomma Solanum Tuberosum 3B

Art. nr: 56-201014

1 522,50 kr


Enlarged 8x life-size, 2-part

Family: Solanaceae

In nature, the Potato flower branches usually divide into two stalks, each with multiple flowers. The gramopetalous corollas 5 points are radially symmetrical, marked by yellow lines that equally transverse & divide. The 5 stamen sets are fused to form a conical stamina. The corolla and stamina detach to reveal the superior pistil.
The powder coated paint on the stamina and stem give life-like texture that provides realism to the model. This yellow powder coated paint represents pollen and even exchanges surfaces when touched. This pollen residue is harmless and can be wiped off or washed off hands but creates an amazing realism. 5 petals, 5 sepals, 5 sets of stamen all fall into Fibonaccis sequence.