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Dimkammare RayTraX1 kontinuerlig Conatex

Art. nr: 19-085500

37 177,50 kr


a , ß and gamma rays (e.g. as emitted by 226 Ra) can, as a result of their ionising effect, be detected in a fog chamber. The particles possess considerable energy (several MeV) after the decay of 226 Ra, and this enables it to ionise gas molecules through collision.
If a super saturated environment of isopropanol or ethanol is provided, the ions created
through particle bombardment form condensation particles that, in turn, contribute to the
formation of fog. A fog track forms along the trail of the radioactive particles, similar to the condensation trails that form behind by a jet flying in the stratosphere. Steam super saturation can be achieved by engineering a temperature drop from high to low in areceptacle filled with alcohol steam.