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Helmholtzspolar e/m 3B

Art. nr: 19-481500

7 557,50 kr


Helmholtz Coils, 300 mm

Helmholtz coils are used to produce a homogeneous magnetic field. Experiments on induction and electron deflection can be performed with the Rotary Frame with Flat Coil and the Fine Beam Tube. The coils can be used in parallel or in series and feature a spring clip on the cross bar to mount a Hall Sensor for measurements of the magnetic field.

Coil diameter: 295 mm
Coil spacing: 150 mm
Number of turns per coil: 124
Enamelled copper wire thickness: 1.5 mm
DC resistance: 1.2 Ohms each
Maximum coil current: 5 A
Maximum coil voltage: 6 V
Maximum flux density at 5 A: 3.7 mT