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Training Oscilloscope
Experiment topics:
Linear propagation of electrons in a zero-field space
Deflection of electron beams in an electrical field
Deflection of electron beams in a magnetic field
Magnetic lens
Phase displacement, superimposition of magnetic fields, Lissajous figures
Determination of an electron's specific charge
Determination of an electron's speed

Electron tube mounted on terminal base for investigating the design and operation of a cathode ray tube. The electron beam can be deflected by an electric field produced by the deflection plates integrated into the tube, and by a magnetic field from three external coils mounted on a ring. A Wehnelt cylinder is used to focus the beam. A gas filling and fluorescent screen make it possible to observe the beam in the tube. A continuously adjustable saw-tooth generator can be used to analyze and visualize time dependent processes. The device comes with a socket and printed wiring scheme.
Anode voltage: 250 - 400 V DC
Anode current: 1 mA
Filament voltage: 6 8 V AC/DC
Filament current: 0.3 A
Wehnelt voltage: 0 50 V DC
Deflection plate dimensions: approx. 12x20 mm²
Plate spacing: approx. 12 mm
Electric deflection sensitivity: 0.2 mm/V
Screen diameter: approx. 100 mm
Tube length: approx. 260 mm
Residual gas: Neon
Gas pressure: 10-4 hPa
Sweep frequency: 10 200 Hz, continuously adjustable
3 deflection coils: 600 turns each, with a centre pickup
Weight: approx. 1.6 kg