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Effekt & energimätare Peak Tech 9035

Art. nr: 12-229024

236,25 kr


New designed, high-precison Energy Meter for detecting the energy consumption of electrical appliances and to calculate the total cost of the electricity consumption of a device by entering the current price. Through the integrated power factor calculation all modern electronic consumers such as switching power supplies, TVs, fluorescent lights, LED systems and of course, resistive loads such as electrical heaters and hobs are precisely measured. In addition, due to the high resolution and the low response, even very small or standby loads are measured from approximately 1W.

Measurement of the energy cost (), energy consumption (kWh), Voltage (V), Frequency (Hz), load current (A) and power factor
Display of the maximum consumption (Wmax) with trigger time
Display of time, day and consumption time
Power factor measurement from about 1W
Integrated overload indicator and child lock
Reset button to reset all device functions
CO2 emission calculation in CO2/kg
Built-in rechargeable battery for memory conservation
High resolution of 0.005A
High basic accuracy +/-0.5%
Safety: GS, EN 61010-1; CAT II 300 V

Nominal input voltage 240 V AC, 50 Hz
Voltage measurement 200 - 276 V AC, 45 - 65 HZ
Maximum load 16 A, 3680 W
Lower current range 0.005 A
Power consumption < 0.5 W
Current display 0.005 A ... 16.000 A
Watt Range 0.0 ... 3680.0 W
Power factor calculation 0.10 ... 1.00
Consumption display 0.0 ... 9999.9 kWh
Accurracy +/- 0.5 %
Dimensions (WxHxD) 120 x 60 x 75 mm
Weight 160 g