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Mikrovoltmeter 3B

Art. nr: 12-001016

18 102,50 kr


Measuring instrument and amplifier for measuring very small DC and AC voltages, e.g. thermovoltages, inductive voltages and photo-electric voltages. With LED display. The measuring input includes a filter that can be switched in for smoothing the signal or for setting an upper frequency limit. The signal is input via a BNC socket or 4 mm safety sockets. An additional DIN socket is provided for the connection of Hall sensors, e.g. the Axial/Tangential Magnetic Field Sensor or the Flexible Magnetic Field Sensor.


    Inputs: 4 mm safety sockets, BNC socket, DIN socket
    Outputs: 4 mm safety sockets
    Measuring ranges: 199.9 µV – 199.9 mV AC /DC, 4 ranges each
    Gain factors: 10 – 10000, 4 decades
    AC frequency range: 10 Hz – 1 kHz
    Input resistance: 100 kO (DC), 900 kO (AC)
    Upper frequency limit: 1 Hz – 1 kHz, 4 decades
    Precision: 5%
    Sampling rate: 3 measurements/s
    Output signal: 0 – ±2 V, max. 1 mA
    Dimensions: approx. 235x250x180 mm³
    Weight: approx. 3.3 kg