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Högspänningsaggregat 5kV 3B

Art. nr: 13-210601

13 031,25 kr


Ideal for operation of numerous electron tubes:

Very high-quality and extremely lightweight equipment in modern casing
3-digit digital display for high voltage
Regulated high-voltage output not dependent on mains voltage
High-voltage-proof supply for heater voltage
No need to change fuses

Universally applicable, floating high-voltage source for electrostatic experiments
and for operating spectral tubes, gas discharge tubes and electron tubes. With
built-in transformer resistance to external voltage to provide the heating voltage
for electron tubes. Continuously adjustable high-voltage source, which is safe
to touch, with passive current limiting and digital voltage display.
High-voltage output: 0 - 5000 V DC, max. 2 mA, floating
Heater voltage output: 6.3 V AC, max. 3 A, resistance to
voltage up to 5 kV
Overload protection: Reversible fuse, 3 A
Connectors: 4-mm safety sockets
Power consumption: 35 VA
High-voltage display: 3-digit LED
Dimensions: 240 x 220 x 90 mm approx.
Weight: 2 kg approx.