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Ballistic pendulum 3B (Kastkanon köpes separat)

Art. nr: 07-010362

8 960 kr


Accessories for the 07-010360 launcher for use in experiments on elastic and inelastic collision or to be used as a holder for experiments on trajectory. The speed of the balls as measured in launcher experiments or pendulum experiments agree to within approximately ±3%. Additional weights can be used to investigate how pendulums behave with differing angles of deflection at the same speed. For experiments investigating trajectories, the launcher can be set to 5 different launch heights 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 cm when it is attached to the rear of the ballistic pendulum.
Height of pendulum: 370 mm
Extra weights: 17.5 g each
Base plate: 130x130 mm²
Span of bench clamp: 10 65 mm
Mass: 2.1 kg

1 Ballistic pendulum with table clamp
2 Extra weights