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Mikrovågssats 9,4 GHz (230 V, 50/60 Hz) 3B

Art. nr: 18-492900

17 911,25 kr


Experiment topics:
? Straight-line propagation of microwaves
? Reflection, absorption and transmission
? Shielding from microwaves
? Experiments on polarisation
? Experiments on diffraction
? Experiments on refraction and interference
? Transmission of information

Equipment set for conducting wave optics experiments involving wavelengths in the cm range.
A transmitter with a horn antenna radiates a narrow beam of linearly polarised electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of about 3 cm. The direction of polarisation can be altered by rotating the antenna around the axis of propagation. To detect the waves, a horn antenna receiver and a microwave sensor are provided. A control unit converts the intensity of the signal received into a proportionally large output voltage that can be measured using a voltmeter. It is also possible to switch on an acoustic signal with a volume that is proportional to the intensity of the signal.
Oscillator frequency: 9.4 GHz (U8493600-230)

Power of transmitter: 10 25 mW
Internal modulator frequency: 3 kHz approx.
Acoustic signal: Switchable
External modulation: 100 Hz 20 kHz, 1 V max.
Output voltage: 10 V max.
Receiver with horn antenna: Silicon diode with resonator
Microwave sensor: Silicon diode with resonator
Dimensions of basic apparatus: approx. 170x200x75 mm³

1 Control unit
1 Transmitter with horn antenna
1 Receiver with horn antenna
1 Microwave probe
1 Mikrowave bench, 800 mm
1 Microwave bench, 400 mm with plate holder
1 Reflection plate 180x180 mm²
1 Polarisation grating, 180x180 mm²
1 Absorption plate, fibreboard, 180x180 mm²
1 Paraffin prism
1 Stand for prism
1 Plate with double slit
1 Cover plate for double slit