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Hardtl´s optisk skiva inkl.laserettan

Art. nr: 17-112344

2 468,75 kr


Popular and solid aid for explanation of reflection and refraction principles of light in an optical environment. The aid is built on circular base, which can be rotated around the axis. The angle of refraction or reflection can be detected by the light beam reflected on the angular scale. Half-circle optical transparent module allows to measure the material index of refraction taking into account the Snell`s law. The 1mW semiconductor Laser Line Box with the wavelength of 635 nm is used as the light source. Due to the collimated laser beam, the angles of refraction and reflection are excellently displayed, therefore the experiment is very clear and students can arrange the practical exercise very easily and quickly.

The high didactic value of the aid is reached with regard to its following features:
high clarity of the experiment
easy arrangement
up to date laser technology
acceptable price

The set consists of:
metal base with the rotating circle and angular scale
semi-circle optical transparent module
Laser Line Box - laser class: 2