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Laserfemman tillägg 15st optiska komponenter

Art. nr: 17-550250

2 563,75 kr


The new additional 15 different complementary optical elements extending the portfolio of experiments and demonstrations. In conjunction with Laser Ray Box (sold separately) and RODS the set is highly useful educational tool for a very good demonstration of advanced geometrical optics principles. The visual demonstration clearly shows the relationships between the refractive index and positive or negative optical elements. Many various examples show exploitation of optical elements in technical optics/concave lenses, plano-concave lenses, convex and plano-convex lenses, equilateral prism, right angle prisms, mirrors, condenser lenses, cube beamsplitter, periscope, ...
Very interesting experiments using air lenses illustrate why optical elements can be positive or negative depending on refraction index. As for Ray Optics Demonstration Set, this one has also advantage thanks to low demand for room light conditions and therefore can be used in standard classrooms without any additional room darkening. Users guide is included. This version does not include magnetic board.