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Lasertrean komplett studentversion

Art. nr: 17-333000

3 260 kr


Excellent essential set for practical exercises. The set enables students to understand basic ray optics principles transmission, reflection, refraction. Students can construct simple optical devices using worksheets. Worksheet human eye helps to understand the importance of glasses. The set has been designed to be table-top used. All elements are non-magnetic. Manual with experiments is included. Set is packed in plastic case. This set is very effective for clear understanding of the following optical principles: transmission of the light through the convex (concave) lens, transmission effect of an optical prism, reflection on the planar (convex, concave) mirror, refraction of the light, index of refraction values and others. The set also demonstrates the function of healthy, short-sighted and far-sighted vision and the correction of these aberrations by glasses. Furthermore the set demonstrates the function of both, Galileo and Kepler telescopes, as well as photo camera, etc. The demonstration of absolute reflection in the optical fiber is interesting and easy to demonstrate as well. The set consists of 12 optical models, 3-beam Laser Ray Box light source (including the external battery box) and seven worksheets. It also includes instructions with experiments, a set of RGB filters and an optical boat.

The Ray Optics Students Set consists of:
Optical models (12 pcs) - 9 various lenses, 3 types of mirrors, model of optical fiber
3-beam Laser Ray Box Electronic
Working sheets (7pcs) for very simple and quick preparation of exercises.

The sheets in the box:
A - Model of the human eye
B - Photo camera
C - Galileo telescope
D - Kepler telescope
E - Refraction and reflection demonstration sheet
X - Significant rays - convex
Y - Significant rays - concave