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Funktionsgenerator dig.USB Phywe

Art. nr: 65-1365293

16 108,75 kr


Digital signal generator for use as a programmable voltage source in practical or demonstration experiments, particularly in the disciplines of acoustics, electrical engineering and electronics.


Can be used as universal stand-alone device or controlled via a USB interface
Universally applicable thanks to broad, continually adjustable frequency range
Usable as programmable voltage source via amplifier output
Intuitive, menu-driven operation using control knob and function buttons, with help capability
Illuminated monochrome graphic display for maximum visibility and readability
Simple setting of voltage and frequency ramps in stand-alone mode
Features V = f(f) output for easy reading of frequency in the form of a voltage - ideal for measuring circuit response to frequency ramps using an oscilloscope
Low distortion and signal-to-noise ratio for brilliantly clear signals - ideal for acoustics/audio experiments

Equipment and technical data

Frequency range: 0.1 Hz...0.9999 Mhz
Steps: 0.1 Hz
Distortion factor: <0.5%
Signal forms: Sine, triangle, square, frequency ramp, voltage ramp
Amplifier output, short-circuit-proof, via BNC and 4-mm connectors:
Output voltage : 0 20 Vpp for Rout > 40 Ohm
DC offset: ±10 V (steps 5 mV)
Power output: 5 W (for up to 1 A) where Rout = 20 Ohm
Headphone output via 3.5 mm jack socket:
Switch for selecting standard headphones or speakers
Output voltage: 0 1 Vpp for Rout = 400 Ohm
Sync (trigger) output via BNC:
Output resistance: 50 O
Logic level: CMOS (5 V)
V=f(f) output via BNC, short-circuit-proof:
For outputting frequency in the form of a proportional voltage 0 ... 10 V (0...1 MHz)
Sweep function for frequency ramp
Monochrome graphic display with continuous setting for background illumination: 128 x 64 pixels
USB 2.0 port
Settings via buttons and knob or software-assisted via USB
Power supply 100 V~ - 240 V~ at 50/60 Hz
Impact-resistant plastic case with carrying handle
Dimensions (mm): 194 x 140 x 130
incl. software