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Hall-effect unit HU 2 Phywe

Art. nr: 65-1180100

10 846,25 kr


Function and Applications

Hall module with central power supply to provide an adjustable constant current for the sample and for the integrated sample heater


digital LED display (3 digits, 9mm) to show either the sample current or the sample temperature
sample heater with fully automatic temperature control system to avoid damage to the samples
electronic compensating circuit for Hall voltage offset compensation
USB port for direct connection to PC for comfortable data capturing, display and evaluation
No other Interface is necessary
Magnetic field probe direct connected to Hall effect unit, simole readout via PC
Different boards can be plugged easily and safely into the Hall module which requires only a 12V AC power supply.
The Hall module provides all operating parameters for the samples and displays the sample.

Equipment and Technical Data

Max. current of probe: +/- 60 mA
Max. temperature of probe: 175 °C
Power supply: 12 VAC/max.3,5 A
Dimensions: 16x10,5x2,5 cm
Weight: 0,25 kg