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Halogenlampa 1000W Phywe

Art. nr: 65-0812593

4 515 kr


Photography lamp, can be used as a manual or support held lamp. Suitable as artificial sun with solar collectors (06753.00 and 06756.00) and with Stirling motor (04372.00).

Equipment and technical data

Zoom lamp with fan for permanent operation and safety thermal switch.
With filter shaft, camera rail, lamp head which can be swivelled by 90°, two light intensity steps and 5 m mains connecting cable.
Required power: 1000W / 230 V;.
Colour temperature: 3400 K.
Dimensions of housing (mm): 170 × 115 × 105
Life-time of the halogen bulb: approx. 15 hours

Optional Accessories

replacement bulb: Halogen lamp, 230V, 1000 W (08123-93)