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Inclined plane with roller Phywe

Art. nr: 65-1130188

8 086,25 kr


Practical compact device to demonstrate the investigation of the forces which keep a body in equilibrium on an inclined plane including a Roller as device under test for experiments with the inclinied plane .

Fast installation, no adjustment.
Angle of inclination of the track can be freely selected between 15°...45°.
Rolling body as measuring object. Advantage: all force application lines intersect at the centre of gravity.
Dynamometers can be attached parallel or perpendicularly to the track, or horizontally, without tedious adjustments.
Clear demonstration of thedecomposition of a force according tothe "force parallelogram".
Axially symmetric.
With two rear weigths which can be removed.
Holder for dynamometers.

Equipment and Technical Data

2 demonstration rules and an angular scale to determine geometry.
3 holders for dynamometers.
Force components perpendicular and within a range of angles 105°...135°.
Down-slope driving force, normal force.
Relation between force, travel, vertical travel and work through determination of the trajectory components of gravitational force.
Mass of roller: 100 g ± 2%.
Mass of rear weights: 100 g ± 2%.