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Strömförsörjning 0-30VDC/20A Phywe

Art. nr: 65-1353693

25 338,75 kr


Heavy duty power supply with stabilised output voltage, low residual ripple and with constant current operation.

Equipment and technical data

Two moving coil instruments for simultaneous display of voltage and current. LED display of constant voltage and current operation. Output voltage: 0...30 VDC Nominal current: 0.2...20 A Residual ripples: 30 mV Required power: 900 V AInterior resistance: 40 mOhm Output is earth and mains-free, 4mm safety bushes. Power supply voltage: 230 V Impact resistant, stackable plastic housing with carrying handle and fold-away stand. Dimensions: 370 x 236 x 234 mm