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Edison EdCreate 5 in1 Expansion Set

Art. nr: 25-000004

441,25 kr


The EdCreate Edison robot creators kit is a construction system consisting of 115 interlocking building blocks, pegs, gears, and other parts. Designed to work with the Edison robot, EdCreate enriches students STEM education experience through interactive engineering and programming projects.

The EdCreate system can be used with Edison robots to complete five EdBuild projects:

· the EdTank,
· the EdDigger,
· the EdRoboClaw,
· the EdCrane, and
· the EdPrinter.

The EdBuild projects require progressive levels of coding capabilities, making them a perfect addition to the Edison programming and robotics curriculum.

EdCreate can also be used in a wide range of open-ended engineering, design and programming challenges. Open-ended projects, including the EdCreate EdChallenges, promote creative problem solving and give students opportunities to find STEM applications to real-world scenarios.

The individual EdCreate pieces are designed with studs and holes which are compatible with Edison and any other LEGO brick compatible building system.

EdCreate Resources

Just like Edison, EdCreate has its own range of educational resources:

· EdCreate teacher's guide
· Instructions for each EdBuild (total of 5)
· EdCreate EdChallenges (set of 5)

All EdCreate resources will be freely available for use and translation.