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BlueView Transilluminator BLUE-VIEW

Art. nr: 28-076001

11 531,25 kr


The BlueView Transilluminator is used to observe fluorescently stained nucleic acids and protein gels. This safe, affordable, and easy to use transilluminator uses bright blue LEDs to excite fluorescent stains such as SYBR Safe DNA Stain. Resulting fluorescent bands are then visible, making them available for digital documentation and analysis with our Logger Pro 3 software.

The BlueView Transilluminator can accommodate gels of up to 15 cm x 12.6 cm, with an illuminated viewing region of 11 cm x 11 cm. The BlueView is fan-cooled and allows the user to control light intensity to a level that maximizes gel band observation and photography. Using blue light to excite and illuminate the stained DNA eliminates the worries of damaging materials planned for subsequent cloning.
The BlueView Transilluminator is designed for educational use only.