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Bok-Advanced Physics w Vernier-Beyond Mechanics

Art. nr: 28-115572

1 296,25 kr


Advanced Physics with Vernier Beyond Mechanics is the second of a two-volume set of experiments for the more in-depth introductory physics course, such as college physics, AP Physics, or IB Physics. Experiments are designed for an interactive teaching style, with planned moments for instructor- or student-led discussion.

Instructor Information sections for each experiment include discussions on how to guide students through a successful activity. The book includes many extensions to challenge the most talented students.

The first book in the series is Advanced Physics with Vernier Mechanics.
Included with Advanced Physics with Vernier Beyond Mechanics
Electronic Version

22 student experiments complete with a materials list, instructions for data collection with Logger Pro 3 or LabQuest App, data tables, and questions
Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments
Instructor Information section for each experiment with complete directions for setting up experiments, helpful hints, sample graphs, and data
Word-processing files of the student experiments, so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
Electronic support material including videos

Printed Lab Book

When you buy the printed lab book you receive all of the resources listed for the electronic version, plus a printed copy of the book.

Grade level
Recommended for College and High School

Larry Dukerich