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Bok-Chemistry with Vernier ELEKTRONISK

Art. nr: 28-005541

1 088,75 kr


Chemistry with Vernier has more than 36 experiments in thermochemistry, gas laws, acid-base reactions, equilibrium, electrochemistry, electrolytes, states of matter, and more.

Experiments are included for the Gas Pressure Sensor, Temperature Probe, pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe, Colorimeter, and Voltage Probe.

If you teach AP*, IB**, or college chemistry, you should also consider Advanced Chemistry with Vernier and Investigating Chemistry through Inquiry.

Included with Chemistry with Vernier
Electronic Version

36 ready-to-use student experiments
Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments
Instructions for data collection with Graphical Analysis 4, Logger Pro 3, LabQuest App, and EasyData
Essential instructor information including teaching tips, instructions for preparing solutions, suggested answers, and sample data and graphs
Word-processing files of the student experiments, so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
Complete equipment and supplies list
A generous site licensebuy one book and duplicate the experiments for your class