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Givare polarimeter CHEM-POL

Art. nr: 28-000032

13 570 kr


The Chemical Polarimeter is a device used for measuring the rotation of plane-polarized light caused by optically active substances such as organic, inorganic, or biological compounds.
he Polarimeter can be used to measure chiral properties of optically active samples without chemically modifying or destroying the sample. This is a vertical polarimeter that uses a 589 nm LED, a fixed polarizer, and a manually rotated polarizer to detect changes in rotation of plane-polarized light in the presence of an optically active compound. Used with Vernier technology, students no longer have to determine the optical maximum with their eye but have a graph that shows a clear change in the lights polarization.
Rotary Motion Sensor

Operational Range: ±180°
Resolution*: 0.25°
Optical Encoder: Bidirectional, quadrature encoder, 360 cycle per revolution
Speed: 30 rev/s at 1° resolution

Light Sensor

Light Source: LED
Wavelength: 589 nm

*This is the resolution of the rotary motion sensor. Typical absolute optical rotation measurements have a repeatability of ±1°.
Experiments and Lab Ideas

Determine sugar solution purity by optical rotation.
Characterize the purity of organic and inorganic syntheses yielding chiral products.
Determine the enantiometric purity of optically active compounds.
Resolve racemic mixtures.
Study the kinetics of acid-catalyzed hydrolysis.
Study the kinetics of enzyme-catalyzed hydrolysis.
Explore the optical activity of amino acids.
Compatible Interfaces

The Chemical Polarimeter is compatible with these interfaces:

LabQuest Mini

TI-Nspire Lab Cradle

Software Requirements

The Chemical Polarimeter requires data-collection software:

Logger Pro 3 (Version or newer)
LabQuest App (Version 1.6 or newer)
LabVIEW for Education