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Go Direct Centripetal Force Apparatus GDX-CFA

Art. nr: 28-000736

7 973,75 kr


When students use the Go Direct Centripetal Force Apparatus with a Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor, they can conduct a variety of rotational dynamics investigations with a single experiment setup. This combination easily measures angular velocity and centripetal force and acceleration without the hassle of wires.

Go Direct Centripetal Force Apparatus can be used in a variety of experiments:

Investigate circular motion by measuring centripetal acceleration in relation to the radius of rotation and angular velocity.
Explore rotational dynamics through an investigation of the force required to keep a mass in circular motion.
Explore Newtons second law, angular acceleration, and the moment of inertia as they relate to circular motion.

Whats Included:

Base with adjustable feet
Bearing and spindle
Rotating beam
Loop attachment to connect force sensor to mass carriage
Bracket to provide position indicator for sensor
Long screw and nut assembly to connect sensor to beam
Mass carriage with thumb screws
Mass carriage with bearings
50 g masses (4)
100 g masses (4)